What We Do

These are some of the most common kinds of challenges that we help businesses overcome:

  • An experienced engineer or accountant needs to explain in writing how s/he gets something done, but the other experts can’t figure out what s/he is trying to say.
  • A money management company needs to communicate some important information to its clients, but the information seems to be too complex for the clients to understand.
  • An energy company needs fast, dependable help from a technical communicator who can hit the ground running.

How do we do it? By using a simple method:

  1. Define clearly the audience and purpose for the project.
  2. Plan how we will get the content we need.
  3. Draw the right content from the right subject matter experts, or through independent research, per the plan.
  4. Write and arrange the content so that the audience will be able to use it efficiently.
  5. Verify that the content is working for the right people.

Using this method, we have been successful in working in industries from finance to oil and gas to software. We know how to pull the right content from the right people, and organize it quickly and accurately. That lets us begin working as soon as the project starts.

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