History and Values


EDI exists to ensure that people can use technical information to understand concepts and get work done.


Daniel Maddux founded EDI in 2010. He had these goals in mind:

  • Help businesses function more effectively
  • Provide good jobs for skilled and talented employees
  • Make money
  • Bring better business practices into the technical communication profession
  • Support worthy causes

Core values

Our key values are:

  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Elite


  • Never tell a lie
  • Don’t promise to do more than you can do
  • Do what you said you’re going to do


  • Be hospitable to everyone
  • Inspire respect through your appearance
  • Be attentive to your co-workers’ needs


  • Improve constantly
  • Do not tolerate any mistakes
  • Always push for the best solution
  • Never give up on making an impact