This page explains EDI’s philosophy about pricing, and explains the basics of how we price projects.

Best-case scenario: Value-based

If it all possible, we try to get a good feel for how the project will impact your business.

To do that, we need to understand thoroughly what the problem is, and what benefits you will realize as a result of the project. We will also need to measure those benefits, to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

To learn more about determining the value of documentation, check out this article in Intercom magazine.

Still really good

Sometimes we and our clients may have trouble establishing the exact value of the work, but we do have a defined scope. In that case, we agree on a flat fee that is acceptable to both parties. Using a flat fee for technical communication work encourages us to get the work done quickly. It also keeps you from having to worry about how many hours we’re spending on the work.

Using flat-fee billing works especially well for very small projects, such as editing a set of marketing materials. It rewards us for being able to do good work quickly.

Just need some help?

If we can’t establish what the value of the work will be, exactly, and we don’t have a defined scope, then we go with hourly billing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We are good, skilled helpers who can hit the ground running when your documentation cup runneth over.

For more detailed information on pricing, click here.

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